Last Updated on Sep 29, 2022
Radios are used when there are two or more options and the user must select exactly one option.

Component Variants

Design Principles

  • Radios are always used in groups. There shouldn’t be a single radio option.
  • Radios can be grouped vertically or horizontally.

Radio Tile Group

If you need a way to show radios in a larger, more visual way, you might want to use a radio tile group. Radio tiles are common in survey questions and forms. Radio tiles are for a list of selections that are mutually exclusive, e.g. answers to survey questions. 

The whole tile of a radio group item is clickable and changes when it’s selected. This affordance is to make the options and selections even more clear and obvious. Radio Tile

Do's and Don'ts

Use instead of a select if you have a very small set of options. Usually less than four.
Don’t use if an action has to be executed immediately. Use a switch.