Last Updated on Dec 06, 2022
Toasts are non-intrusive, informational messages that provide brief feedback in response to a user action.

Design Principles

  • Toasts show for only a few seconds.
  • Toasts don’t show up as notifactions.
  • Toasts are informational only. There are no actions in toast. If you need actions, use a dialog.
  • Toasts are meant to be very brief. There is a 50 character limit.
  • Re-use copy from other toasts whenever possible for consistenty.
  • Toasts have only 1 size, 512px wide. Don’t adjust the size to fit content.
  • Toasts only have 2 types: success and neutral. Please reach out to us if there is another type you think you need.

Do's and Don'ts

Write short and affirmative copy.
Reuse copy from other toasts if they fit your needs.
Don’t add links or actions.
Don’t change the toast’s icon.