Design Principles
Nielsen's core values are inclusion, courage, and growth. These values animate our workplace and the work we do. Inspired by those values, these design principles are the foundation of our design system. They guide us in making design decisions when building the system and our products.

Built For Our Users

Nielsen users have particular needs and our products should reflect those needs. We aim to provide modern, efficient, and pleasant solutions to help them accomplish their work.

Always Accessible

Accessibility helps everyone and hurts no one. We work to integrate accessibility at every level of the stack. This includes our brand, content, foundations, components, and patterns.

Consistency not Uniformity

Our goal isn't to make everything the same. It's to create a cohesive set of controls and patterns that our users will intuitively understand.

Inspire Trust & Confidence

We strive to build the user's trust by consistently providing clear and concise navigation, input, content, and actions. When needed, our products give informative and helpful feedback to help a user with any issue.

Strive for Elegance

The system isn't optimized to be purely beautiful. It's focused on being useful and aesthetic. We want our components and patterns to be understandable, unobtrusive, thorough, and appropriately minimal.

Efficient for Designers & Developers

Creating great products requires designers, developers, and product to work closely together. This system is a centralized toolbox to help everyone craft excellent Nielsen products. Designers and developers should expect this system to be a well-documented, comprehensive set of components to help them efficiently do their jobs.