Pattern NameDescriptionStatus
Editable TextSubtle method of renaming a title or input field. Should be used only on a field that is not changed very often.Planned
Filter BarA collection of filters used to adjust the display of data, usually in a table or card view.In Progress
KPI WidgetsSimple KPI callouts that are wrapped in a card. Can be used to show one metric or a group of similar metrics.Planned
Page HeadersFrequently reused top section of a page used to establish a common structure for each screen.In Progress
Side PanelsUsed as a supplementary control area for the main content on the page.In Progress
SkeletonDisplays a placeholder preview of content before the data is loaded to the page.Planned
TruncationCommon process for shortening words or phrases so they can fit in a smaller area.In Progress
ValidationHow to ensure that user-entered data conforms to a specific set of requirements.Planned